Questions for Your Intralase Surgeon

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What are Some Things I Should Ask My Intralase Surgeon?

Questions for Your Intralase Surgeon

If you have been hearing a lot about Intralase and are interested in the procedure, the following are important questions to ask your eye surgeon when considering this option:

-Why would Intralase be appropriate for me? Your eye surgeon should have a list of pros and cons and if you are a candidate for the procedure.

-How is Intralase different from LASIK? Your surgeon should discuss with you the differences and which one would be a better option for you and why.

-Is Intralase safe? Your surgeon should give you safety information, such as history of the laser and statistics from those who have had Intralase.

-Is LASIK unsafe? Your eye surgeon should explain to you why LASIK isn't always the best choice for certain people and why Intralase has advantages over LASIK.

-Is Intralase the same as Custom LASIK? The answer should be no and your eye surgeon should explain why.

-How do the visual outcomes of Intralase compare to that of LASIK? Your eye surgeon should explain that the visual outcome for Intralase is often better than 20/20 vision and that Intralase was preferred three to one over LASIK by people how have had the procedure.

-Is Intralase more expensive? In most cases it is, and your eye surgeon should explain the financial aspects of the surgey, and also explain why it's more expensive.



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