Intralase with Custom LASIK

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What is Intralase with Custom LASIK?

Intralase with Custom LASIK

Intralase with Custom LASIK is considered one of the best and one of the safest laser eye surgeries available today.

Combining the safety of Intralase and the customization of Custom LASIK, eye surgeon's are now able to use a completely bladeless procedure that is able to identify, measure and correct individual eye imperfections up to 25 times more accurately than with standard LASIK.

Intralase with Custom LASIK is becoming an unprecedented leader in safety and accuracy in laser eye surgery.



7/14/2009 10:39:37 AM
Colenso said:

Helpful comment spoilt by poor grammar or proof reading. The plural of "surgeon" is "surgeons", not "surgeon's" - no apostrophe before the pluralising "s" is needed.


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