A Closer Look at CK for Presbyopia

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Why is CK Beneficial for Presbyopia?

A Closer Look at CK for Presbyopia

CK, conductive keratoplasty, is another option for the treatment of presbyopia. CK works for presbyopia patients in this manner:

A mild heat from a radio wave is used to shrink the collagen in the cornea's peripheral area. This causes the cornea to become steep, which improves near vision for the person with presbyopia.

In the past, studies have shown that CK allowed for eventual regression of the vision, which means that the outcome was not stable. However, there are new findings that are showing with new technology and better surgical procedures, the results are becoming more stable.

Because the outcome of CK is monovision, your surgeon may ask you to wear monovision contact lenses before the surgery. One eye would be corrected for near vision and the other for distance vision. This is to make sure that your eye for distance vision remains sharp and is able to counter balance for the other eye.



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