Presbyopia: Lenses vs. Laser Surgery

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Are Intraocular Lenses Better Than Laser Surgery For Presbyopia?

Presbyopia: Lenses vs. Laser Surgery

Should you have intraocular lenses implanted or laser surgery to correct your presbyopia? Let's look at the facts.

-If you suffer from thin corneas or myopia and you are not a candidate for laser eye surgery, then lens implants may be your only other option.

-Intraocular lenses do not have the results that laser surgery would. This means that the results are even less permanent than laser surgery.

-However, if something goes wrong with an implanted lens as a person's eye ages, the lens can be removed and another put in. Laser eye surgery does not have this easy of a "fix-it" option.

-These types of implanted lenses for presbyopia are still very new. It is hard to know everything about the materials and the side effects of the procedures when there is still so much research to be completed.

-Implanted lenses can also cost more than laser eye surgery and like laser eye surgery, it typically isn't covered under insurance.

-Is one better than the other? That is up to you and your ophthalmologist to decide.



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