Epi-LASIK and Corneal Flaps

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Does Epi-LASIK Involve Corneal Flaps?

Epi-LASIK and Corneal Flaps

With traditional LASIK procedures, a flap is created on the cornea with a blade or a laser, depending on the surgeon's choice of instruments. This flap has often caused complications after surgery with typical LASIK procedures.

With the Epi-LASIK procedure, there is no corneal flap made. Epi-LASIK uses an automated device that moves aside the corneal cells and the laser then treats the newly exposed cornea cells. This corrects the vision by reshaping the cornea.

Because there is no corneal flap in Epi-LASIK, the procedure is considered a much safer alternative to LASIK when treating high prescriptions and thinner corneas.



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