Understanding Your Surgical Consultation

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Why should I understand what happens at my surgical consultation?

Understanding Your Surgical Consultation

When choosing to undergo the LASIK procedure, the patient will undergo a surgical consultation. This consultation takes place before the surgery and is a comprehensive check-up for your eyes. During this consultation the surgeon will do a number of things.

-The consultation will include screening for 40 different eye and health issues. The patient will receive 20 different tests and eye scans to check for infections and diseases.

-You will have a routine eye exam. If your vision is determined to be very poor, you might not be a candidate for LASIK.

-Your doctor will check your patient history. Doctors prefer to operate on patients over the age of 18; whose eyewear prescription has not changed in two years. If your eyes are still in the process of growing or changing, the doctor will most likely avoid LASIK surgery on you.

-Your doctor will also examine the posterior and the anterior of your eye. During these exams, your cornea, iris, and lens will be checked, along with tests for various eye conditions or infections.

If your doctor finds any infections, eye conditions (such as glaucoma) or any abnormalities, you will need to talk with your doctor about other options for LASIK. If all tests come back negative, then you are most likely a candidate for the LASIK surgery and you should discuss next steps with your doctor.

The more prepared you are going into your surgical consultation, the more prepared you will be if surgery is deemed to be unsafe for you.



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