What is Epi-LASIK?

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What is epi-LASIK?

What is Epi-LASIK?

Epi-LASIK is a refinement to the LASIK procedure, making it less invasive and available to a wider range of patients.

In LASIK, a tiny blade is used to cut a flap in the cornea. In epi-LASIK, the layers of the cornea are gently separated instead of cut, and no alcohol is used. This makes it possible to use epi-LASIK on patients who have conditions, such as dry eyes or extremely thin corneas, that would prevent them from being eligible for LASIK surgery.

The procedure takes slightly longer than LASIK, and epi-LASIK patients may experience more pain and take longer to recover than LASIK surgery patients. If you've been told you're a poor candidate for LASIK, it's worth asking whether epi-LASIK would be right for you.



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