Presbyopia Treatments

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What treatments are available for presbyopia?

Presbyopia Treatments

Presbyopia treatments start out very simply. Many people begin by buying a pair of “reading glasses” at a supermarket or drugstore. Others get bifocal or multifocal glasses or contact lenses to correct their vision for different distances, or keep different pairs of glasses for distance and close vision.

Sometimes, doctors “correct” presbyopia with a technique called “monovision” – engineering one eye for reading and close work, and the other for driving and other distance-related tasks.

Presbyopia surgery is increasingly becoming an option. Only one form of surgery, conductive keratoplasty, is currently approved by the FDA for treating presbyopia. CK is a type of monovision treatment, in which one eye is reshaped with radio waves for distance vision. It is a very brief and non-invasive procedure, but is not appropriate for everyone with presbyopia.



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