LASIK Safety and LASIK Surgeons

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What do I need to know about laser safety when choosing a LASIK surgeon?

LASIK Safety and LASIK Surgeons

You wouldn't approve of used needles in a hospital, or dirty medical equipment during an appendectomy, so why would you accept anything less for an eye procedure?

When you're choosing a LASIK doctor, remember that microkeratome versus femtosecond doesn't matter as much as the way your LASIK doctor uses that high-tech laser. Two important tips will help you evaluate medical practitioners when you're choosing a LASIK surgeon:

1) The laser should be recalibrated at least every fourth use for maximum accuracy.

2) A new microkeratome incisor should be used for each patient.

Ask your LASIK surgeon about laser maintenance--it doesn't matter how good the tools are if the workman doesn't take care of them properly.



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