Celebrity LASIK Patients

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Should I choose a LASIK surgeon who treats celebrities?

Celebrity LASIK Patients

Your doctor has a photo and testimonial from Tiger Woods or Rodney Peete or Troy Aikman. That's well and good, you think, but what about complications that don't make it into the news, such as comedienne Kathy Griffin's continuing education about the perils of LASIK? In that case, a celebrity client can backfire on your LASIK surgeon. Beware of a LASIK eye surgeon who constantly brags about famous people he or she has treated.

Celebrity clientele shouldn't be your only criterion in choosing a LASIK doctor--although Tiger Woods' visual acuity in a sport that demands better than 20/20 uncorrected vision is a strong signal that your LASIK doctor is skilled.

Still star-struck, or skeptical? You can't call up a celebrity and ask about the procedure, but you can do research on the Internet and, if your celebrity is vocal about the procedure, read about the experience on, say, Tiger's official Web site. You should also ask to talk to the LASIK surgeon's non-celebrity patients.

Don't let star power dazzle you--the LASIK surgeon herself should be the main attraction, second, of course, to your vision.



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