A Good LASIK Doctor Offers Realistic Results

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How do I know if my surgeon tells me realistic results?

A Good LASIK Doctor Offers Realistic Results

When choosing a LASIK surgeon, you need to have realistic expectations. A good LASIK doctor will tell you that you can realistically expect:

* that fewer than 1% of all LASIK patients will have serious complications such as flap complications or infection, but complications can occur

* that your likelihood of having haloes and dry eyes, which aren't serious, is 3 to 5 percent

* that your overall health will affect your risk, but if you have healthy eyes and are in good physical condition, your results improve

* that you have at minimum a 42 percent chance of 20/20 uncorrected vision after treatment of hyperopia with LASIK after three months, according to the FDA, and a 76.8 percent chance of 20/40 vision

* that your LASIK surgeon can show at least 90 percent of her patients achieve 20/40 uncorrected vision after treatment, and 50 percent achieve 20/20 uncorrected vision

* that you'll still have to wear reading glasses, since your eyes will change after you get into your 40s--although you can reduce your dependence on wearing glasses all the time

When choosing a LASIK surgeon, ask hard questions and don't accept

outlandish promises.



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