Intraocular Lens and Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

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If a surgeon recommends an intraocular lens, should I have the procedure?

Intraocular Lens and Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

Your LASIK surgeon, or would-be LASIK surgeon, has just recommended an intraocular lens implant or a clear lens exchange over LASIK because you aren't a good candidate for LASER surgery. Do you seek a second opinion from another LASIK doctor?

Phakic intraocular lens implants (IOLs), which eliminate the need for cataract surgery when you're in your 60s, are a non-surgical alternative to LASIK, and are typically recommended for people with thin corneas and high degrees of myopia. Note that phakic IOLs carry the risk of:

* increased chance of retinal detachment

* loss of cells in the epithelium, the layer covering the covering the cornea

* inflammation

* infection

* cataracts (ironically)

In some cases you might still need LASIK after an IOL procedure--the good news is that IOLs aren't permanent.

You should note that if you want multifocal vision correction, research on multifocal intraocular lens implants continues.

A recommendation of lens implants will tell you one thing: your LASIK doctor has access to and is willing to use the latest technology, and that's a definite plus.



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