LASEK Results

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How long before I see results with LASEK?

LASEK Results

You'd like to be back on the golf course immediately after having LASEK laser eye surgery, but don't load those clubs just yet. Any procedure needs recovery time. Besides, you don't want to miss the ball when you've improved your swing.

One of the considerations in LASEK vs. LASIK is the longer healing time.

With LASEK treatment, you'll see full visual results in three weeks to six months as opposed to one to six weeks after LASIK. The upside: You can listen to those golf motivational tapes. With LASIK, you can see results within 24 hours as opposed to a week with LASEK. Also, with LASEK, you'll have to wear a contact lens bandage, and take steroid drops for several weeks longer than LASIK.

You don't even get to practice your game during the two to three sick days you'll take from work after LASEK eye surgery--with LASIK, you can be back on the golf course the next day – just ask Tiger Woods.

If you have thin corneas, or don't like the complications of the microkeratome laser (though LASEK surgery has its own complications), clear vision trumps the extra time away from the driving range.



3/11/2007 2:01:39 PM
alex said:

this tip is politically motivated against LASEK. I do not know why. I guess in the future most laser vision corrections will be somewhat around the idea of surface ablation. i have seen many cases of corneal ectasia after lasik. go lasek!!!

3/1/2012 4:12:54 AM
pavan said:


I had lasek (surface ablation) on both my eyes almost 50 days back and my morning vision is good other than white letters on a black back ground(where I see double vision).But my night vision is terrible wrong (I see three to four moons at night).Hope this is common during the healing process .But I have doubt if the epithilieum is the fastest growing cells in the entire body.Why is it taking so much time to recover?(I mean months to fully heal).


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