Presbyopia Explained

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What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia Explained Tip: Presbyopia is a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes stiff and is no longer able to change shape to focus on near objects. With normal vision, the lens of the eye is able to change shape as necessary to enable the eye to focus on objects at different lengths. However, at approximately age 40, most people begin to experience stiffening of this lens and find they have difficulty seeing near objects.

Presbyopia usually occurs gradually and patients may not realize the source of the problem because they get accustomed to near vision which is less and less clear. However, symptoms such as the inability to focus on near objects, fatigue, eye strain and headaches after work requiring close vision and the inability to read clearly at night are all symptoms of presbyopia. Patients experiencing these symptoms should undergo an eye exam to determine if they require treatment for presbyopia.



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