Understanding Crystalens

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What is crystalens?

Understanding Crystalens

The-Lasik-Directory.com Tip: Crystalens involves removing the eyes natural lens and replacing it with a surgical implant to improve the patient's vision. This implant is usually placed during cataract surgery to provide the patients with improved vision at near, middle and far distances. These implants work with the eye's muscles to provide the ability to focus on near objects, as well as far objects.

The crystalens procedure is a relatively simple one which is typically completed in less than 20 minutes. At the start of the procedure, drops are placed in the eyes to numb them and then an ultrasonic probe is used to remove the eye's natural lens. The lens is then replaced with the crystalens implant. There is no need for stitches in this procedure because the opening created in the eye is small enough to heal naturally. At the conclusion of the procedure more drops are placed in the eye to help to prevent infection.



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