PRK versus LASIK

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Should I have PRK or LASIK surgery to correct my vision?

PRK versus LASIK

Comparisons of PRK versus LASIK are necessary for some patients to determine which procedure to undergo. This decision should also be discussed carefully with the patient's eye doctor to ensure the correct decision is made. Listed below is some basic comparison information for PRK versus LASIK, but ultimately the patient should rely on the recommendation from a qualified ophthalmologist before making a decision.

  • Neither procedure requires the use of stitches. LASIK requires a flap to be cut in the cornea but a flap is not required for PRK.
  • LASIK patients use eye drop medications and are usually able to return to non-strenuous activities within three days after the procedure. Although vision may not stabilize for up to six months, the majority of the healing occurs within the first week with LASIK. In addition to eye drop medications, PRK patients must also wear clear contact lenses for two to five days. Healing for PRK patients can take three to four months while the surface of the regenerates itself.
  • The discomfort associated with LASIK typically subsides within five to six hours while PRK patients may require pain medication for one to two weeks after the procedure.



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