When PRK is Preferred

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When is PRK preferred over other types of laser vision correction surgery?

When PRK is Preferred

The-Lasik-Directory.com Tip: PRK is preferred for patients who have thin corneas, as well as patients who have corneal scarring. These conditions would complicate a LASIK procedure and make the patient a less than ideal candidate for LASIK. However, because PRK consumes considerably less corneal tissue than LASIK procedures it is possible to perform this procedure on patients who have issues, such as a thin cornea.

Other situations in which PRK is preferred include patients who have job or leisure activities which make them poor candidates for LASIK. This may include patients, such as pilots or boxers, where there is a high potential for damage to the flap during work or leisure activities. In these cases a procedure which does not require the creation of a flap, such as PRK, eliminates this concern.



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