LASIK Recovery Timeline

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How long does it take to recover from LASIK surgery?

LASIK Recovery Timeline

A LASIK recovery timeline provides valuable information about the discomfort, visual acuity and complications the patient may experience following the procedure. This information may be useful for determining whether or not the healing process is progressing properly. It also provides information on the types of activities the patient should avoid during the recovery phase.

Patients may experience improved vision within one to three days after the procedure but may experience fluctuations in vision for up to six months. They may also have poor night vision and dry eyes for up to four weeks. Additionally hazy or blurred vision and sensitivity to light may persist for up to a week. Physical symptoms, such as discomfort and tearing, shouldn't last more than three days.

A LASIK recovery timeline should also advise the patient about activities to avoid during different phases of the recovery process. Specifically non-contact sports should be avoided in the first three days after the surgery and contact sports should be avoided in the first four weeks. The patient is also advised to wear a protective eye shield while sleeping in the first four weeks to prevent rubbing the eyes. Activities, such as swimming or sitting in a hot tub, should be avoided for eight weeks after the surgery.



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