Evaluating Vision after LASIK

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How will my vision be checked after LASIK surgery?

Evaluating Vision after LASIK

Patients who undergo LASIK surgery will likely already have a good indication of whether or not the procedure was successful relatively soon after the procedure is completed. However, it is important for patients to attend post-operative visits after the procedure so their vision can be properly evaluated. During these appointments the patient's vision after LASIK surgery will be evaluated for both visual acuity, as well as quality of vision.

The process of evaluating the patient's vision after LASIK surgery will include both routine eye examinations to determine the patient's visual acuity, as well as a series of questions designed to evaluate the quality of the patient's vision. Patients will be asked questions which relate to factors such as their vision in dimly lit situations, presence of blurring, double vision and halos. With this information the surgeon can determine how successful the procedure was and whether there is a need for additional care and treatments.



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