Estimated LASIK Recovery Time

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How long is the estimated recovery time for LASIK surgery?

Estimated LASIK Recovery Time

The estimated LASIK recovery time will vary significantly from one patient to the next. However, the vast majority of patients enjoy improved vision within one to two days after the surgical procedure. Although the vision may improve after this brief period and the healing process may have begun sufficiently, it is important to note the full recovery may take up to six months.

Patients are usually able to return to work and other activities within one to three days after LASIK surgery but are not considered to be fully recovered at this time. After approximately three days most patients have improved vision, decreased discomfort and decreased watering of the eyes. Other conditions, such as sensitivity to light and blurred vision may last for up to a week. Dry eyes and poor night vision can last for up to four weeks. Additionally, patients can expect to experience fluctuations in visual acuity for up to six months after the procedure. By this time the eye should be fully recovered and the patient and surgeon should have an understanding of whether the procedure produced the desired results or there is a need for additional procedures.



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