After Laser Eye Surgery Restrictions

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Are there any restrictions after laser eye surgery?

After Laser Eye Surgery Restrictions

Patients who are considering laser eye surgery may be somewhat apprehensive because they are concerned there will be a number of restrictions on their activities after laser eye surgery. However, this is not usually the case. In fact, the activity limitations after laser eye surgery are actually pretty minimal.

Driving is one activity which will likely be limited after laser eye surgery. Depending on the type of procedure the patient undergoes, the limitations may be for only one to two days or may be for more than a week. However, regardless of the procedure, most patients are not permitted to drive immediately after the procedure. As a result most eye surgeons require patients have a friend or family member available to drive them home after the procedure.

Other activity restrictions are usually related to activities which can disrupt the healing process of the eye. Rubbing the eyes is not allowed for a period of time after the procedure and most patients are required to wear a protective covering over the eyes while sleeping to avoid inadvertently rubbing the eyes during sleep. Other high impact activities should also be avoided during the recovery process to help to ensure the eye heals properly. Other activity restrictions may be imposed by your laser eye surgeon so it is very important to follow all post-operative instructions carefully.



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