LASIK Information for after the Procedure

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What LASIK information do I need about after the Procedure?

LASIK Information for after the Procedure Tip: Patients undergoing LASIK surgery should discuss the LASIK information relevant to their aftercare before the procedure to ensure they are doing everything possible to ensure their eye is able to heal properly and they are not putting themselves at risk for permanent damage. This information should be discussed prior to the procedure to ensure the patient is able to fully comprehend the expectations for after the procedure.

Relevant LASIK information for after the procedure includes not rubbing the eyes, keeping all post-operative appointments and being aware of the signs of complications. Additionally, patients should be prepared to follow any specific information for after care provided to them by their surgeon. Rubbing the eyes may cause the flap to not heal properly. There may be some mild discomfort or irritations for a few days after the procedure but patients are reminded to avoid rubbing the eyes at this time and are typically instructed to wear a protective covering while sleeping.

It is also important to keep all post-operative visits after LASIK surgery. These visits will likely be scheduled before the procedure and will also likely include an appointment within 24 hours of the procedure. Skipping these appointments is not recommended because it deprives the patient of the opportunity to have the surgeon evaluate the healing process and detect potential complications before they permanently damage the eye. In the same respect, patients should also be well aware of the signs of complications and should see their surgeon immediately if they experience pain, worsening of vision or other symptoms outlined by their surgeon to help maintain the health of the eye. This is imperative because, if left untreated, complications can lead to permanent vision loss.



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