LASIK Advice for a Proper Recovery

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What LASIK advice should I follow for a proper recovery?

LASIK Advice for a Proper Recovery Tip: The recovery process after a LASIK procedure is very important. This is because the recovery can be hindered by failure to adhere to the recovery instructions outlined by the surgeon. Additionally, a poor recovery period can also have the more serious result of permanent loss of vision in rare cases. Each patient should discuss the recovery process thoroughly with their surgeon and should follow the LASIK advice for the recovery period as outlined by the surgeon fully and completely.

In order to ensure a proper recovery, the surgeon may advise the patient to avoid certain activities for a period of time during the recovery process. The following is a brief synopsis of some of the common guidelines used by LASIK patients to advise their patients on the subject of a healthy recovery period:

  • Avoiding non-contact sports for one to three days
  • Avoiding strenuous contact sports for up to four weeks
  • Wearing a protective eye covering while sleeping for one to four weeks
  • Avoiding swimming, whirlpools and hot tubs for up to eight weeks



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