When LASIK Eye Surgery Risks are Too High

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When are LASIK eye surgery risks too high?

When LASIK Eye Surgery Risks are Too High

There are always LASIK eye surgery risks but for some potential patients, the risks associated with the procedure are too high. This includes, but is not limited to, patients who have less than 1.5 diopters of myopia, patients who have over 15 diopters of nearsightedness, patients who have a history of ocular herpes, patients who have blood vessels in the cornea, patients who have glaucoma, patients who are pregnant or nursing, patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases. These patients not only have a high probability of a poor outcome, but also run the risk of corneal thinning, corneal melts, corneal ulcers and irregular healing, as well as scleritis, episcleritis, keratitis and inflammation in the eye.



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