Common Laser Eye Surgery Problems

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What are some common laser eye surgery problems?

Common Laser Eye Surgery Problems

Common laser eye surgery problems include dry eyes, poor vision and loss of vision. Although complications with laser eye surgery are relatively rare, there is still the potential for the procedure to have results with are less than ideal. Most of these problems are evident shortly after the procedure and some can be corrected through additional procedures and treatments. In addition to these short term problems which may arise, it is important to note laser eye surgery is a relatively new procedure and therefore there is no long term data available.

Dry eyes can be treated with either the use of eye drops, plugs or an additional procedure. Dry eyes may not prevent the patient from having 20/20 vision, but may cause problems with the quality of vision if there is substantial blurring which results from the dryness.

Laser eye surgery patients may also experience poor night vision after the procedure. This can make driving at night extremely difficult. This problem may be temporary and may subside over time. However, if the problem does not resolve naturally it may be necessary for the patient to undergo an additional procedure.



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