Correcting LASIK Eye Surgery Problems

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What will happen if there are problems after my LASIK surgery?

Correcting LASIK Eye Surgery Problems

There are certain risks involved when patients have LASIK surgery. The majority of patients who undergo the procedure are pleased with the results achieved as a result of the surgery. However, there are some patients who experience LASIK eye surgery problems. For these patients, correcting or otherwise dealing with these problems is very important.

Dry eye syndrome is just one of the LASIK eye surgery problems which may develop. Patients who have this problem may find it is not only uncomfortable but also impacts the quality of vision because blurring may occur. To correct this problem, the use of eye drops may be necessary either until the problem subsides or it can be corrected via another method. Other methods for correcting dry eyes may include the use of plugs or undergoing additional procedures.

Other patients may experience problems which result from the flap not healing correctly. In these cases, the quality of the vision may not be high even if the patient has good visual acuity. However, there is still a need to correct the problem and an additional surgical procedure to reattach the flap in the correct location may be necessary.



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