Avoiding Problems with LASIK

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How do I avoid problems with LASIK?

Avoiding Problems with LASIK

Complications with LASIK surgery are on the decline, but there is still the potential for problems with these procedures. In the late 1990s, as many as 5 percent of LASIK patients suffered from complications but currently less than 1 percent have complications following the procedure. In addition to the already low probability of complications, patients can help to avoid problems with LASIK with a few simple precautions including selecting a surgeon carefully, ensuring you are an ideal candidate for the procedure and carefully following the recovery guidelines.

The tips listed above are all beneficial in reducing the potential for problems with LASIK in different ways. Selecting the surgeon carefully is very important because it can help to prevent problems. LASIK surgery is a delicate procedure requiring a surgeon who is not only well qualified to perform the procedure, but also has a great deal of experience. Selecting a sub par surgeon can put the patient at risk for complications resulting from mistakes made by the surgeon. Patients should also confirm they are an ideal candidate for the procedure they select as well because failure to do so can put them at risk for problems which result from pre-existing conditions. Finally, failure to follow the recovery guidelines outlined by the surgeon puts the patient at risk for complications which stem from the eye not healing properly.



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