Minimizing the Risk of Laser Eye Surgery Complications

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How can I minimize my risk of laser eye surgery complications?

Minimizing the Risk of Laser Eye Surgery Complications

Laser eye surgery complications are becoming less frequent. When the procedure was first introduced approximately 5 percent of patients suffered complications. However, current data suggests less than 1 percent of patients now suffer from complications. Even with a diminished possibility of complications, patients can take precautions to minimize the potential for these complications. Two of these precautions include selecting a surgeon wisely and ensuring the patient is an ideal candidate for the procedure they select.

The experience and skill level of the surgeon can have a significant impact on the outcome of the procedure. For this reason, patients should select a surgeon carefully to ensure the surgeon who performs the procedure is highly skilled and has a great deal of experience.

Not all patients are ideal candidates for each laser eye procedure. Patients should be thoroughly screened to ensure they are an ideal candidate for whichever procedure they wish to undergo. This is important because failure to do so can put the patient at greater risk for complications.



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