Laser Eye Surgery Preparations

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How do I prepare for laser eye surgery?

Laser Eye Surgery Preparations

There are certain precautions which a patient should take before undergoing laser eye surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. The most important part of the preparation for laser eye surgery should begin with adequate research to select a highly qualified surgeon to perform the chosen procedure. Once this has been accomplished, the patient can often rely on the surgeon to provide information on how the patient can prepare for the surgery.

One example of these types of preparations include, ceasing to wear contact lenses prior to the surgery. This is important because wearing contact lenses can distort the shape of the eye temporarily. Therefore soft contact lenses should not be worn for two weeks prior to the procedure, rigid gas permeable lenses should not be worn for three weeks prior to the procedure and hard lenses should not be worn for four weeks prior to the procedure.

Other laser eye surgery preparations include removing makeup and ceasing to use lotions. Patients should also make arrangements to have a friend or family member pick them up from the surgery facility as the patient will not be able to drive a vehicle immediately after surgery. In addition, patients should also follow any restrictions imposed by your surgeon.



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