Types of LASIK Procedures

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What types of LASIK procedures are available?

Types of LASIK Procedures

There are three main types of LASIK procedures available for patients, each with its own benefits and indications, as well as contraindications. These three procedures are known as PRK, LASEK and Epi-LASIK. PRK is a procedure which involved scraping surface cells off the cornea and using a laser to reshape the cornea and correct abnormalities which cause visual problems. LASEK surgery is very similar to LASIK with one important difference. This difference is the thickness of the corneal flap which is cut. During LASEK a finer blade is used to reduce the thickness of the blade. Epi-LASIK is also very similar to traditional LASIK, but again the corneal flap is much thinner than the flap cut during traditional LASIK.



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