LASIK Insurance Considerations

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Will my insurance company cover LASIK surgery?

LASIK Insurance Considerations

It is important to understand your insurance providers LASIK insurance policy before assuming the procedure will be fully covered. This is significant because the vast majority of insurance providers consider vision correction procedures to be cosmetic in nature and are therefore not likely to provide insurance coverage for these procedures. However, patients often have other options available to them including special rates offered on LASIK surgery by their employers and the ability to put money in a flexible spending account for use in paying for LASIK surgery.

Many employers allow employees to put pre-tax dollars into a flexible spending account for use for approved medical expenses. LASIK surgery may be included in these approved expenses, but care should be taken to ensure this is possible before putting money into these accounts. However, if LASIK surgery is one of the approved medical expenses, the patient can have money removed from their paychecks before taxes and stored in a flexible spending account until needed. This money can then be used to cover the cost of LASIK surgery so the patient does not have to worry about financing the procedure.



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