Searching for an Ophthalmologist? Where to Start Looking

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Where are Some Places to Start Looking for an Ophthalmologist?

Searching for an Ophthalmologist? Where to Start Looking

When searching for an ophthalmologist, remember to talk to several before deciding on the right one for you. The following is a list resources for you to utilize in your search:

-Ask family members and friends who they use, or request a name from your physician.

-Ask your insurance company, as they may specific ophthalmologists that you are required to see.

-Contact your state or county association of ophthalmologists. They may have a list of ophthalmologists and their experience along with specialties.

-The American Academy of Ophthalmology has an online find an MD site. This will help you find doctors in your state.

-The International Society of Refractive Surgery has a comprehensive list of ophthalmologists who perform refractive eye surgery.

-Administrators in Medicine and the Association of State Medical Board Executive Directors has a webpage where you can look up any information on malpractice suits brought towards doctors.

-It is always a good idea to speak with several doctors and visit their offices before making a final decision.



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