What to Limit Yourself After PRK

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What Should I Limit Myself To After PRK?

What to Limit Yourself After PRK

After having PRK you should follow your doctor's instructions and limit yourself from the following activities:

You should avoid strenuous activities or visually demanding activities for three days. Do not play sports, go swimming or play contact sports for several weeks following the surgery. Your doctor will tell you the exact number of weeks he wishes you to follow.

Do not use any eye makeup for the first week following the surgery. You also must not get water in your eyes during that first week. It is important to remember this when you are washing your hair or face.

You may need to limit your driving. Your vision may be blurry for up to three days after the surgery. It is best to have someone else drive you until you have no blurred vision.

These are guidelines most doctors follow; your doctor may have different time limits on the limitations for you. Please follow your doctor's instructions.



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