PRK and the Excimer Laser

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How Does the Excimer Laser Work for PRK?

PRK and the Excimer Laser

PRK is a non-invasive procedure that users a laser to reshape the cornea. The laser used in this procedure is called an Excimer laser. The laser produces a cold ultraviolet beam of light during the PRK procedure. The Excimer has been determined to be able to remove tiny tissues as small as a molecule without damaging the surface of the eye and is able reshape the cornea.

During the PRK procedure the surgeon will direct the laser beam towards the cornea. This laser beam will be able to evaporate tissue so tiny (1/1000th mm) in the front part of the cornea, making the cornea less steep. This steeping of the cornea changes the shape of it and allows the eye to focus properly, improving vision.



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