PRK and The Active Career and Lifestyle

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Why is PRK suitable for those with active careers or lifestyles?

PRK and The Active Career and Lifestyle

Do you have a career that requires a lot of activity such as military, police officer, firefighter, or other types of highly involved action based careers? Do you enjoy a very active lifestyle by doing things such as swimming, skydiving, or scuba diving? Do you have to wear glasses in order to do those things? If so, PRK may be the laser surgery for you!

People with active lifestyles or careers are said to have been recommended to have PRK because you may be more vulnerable to eye injuries. With PRK there is no flap made during the surgery so there would be less of a chance of eye damage should something come into contact with the eye. Therefore, if you lead an active lifestyle or have a career that is demanding physically, then PRK may be for you.



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