LASEK: Risks and Complications?

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Does LASEK Have a Greater Risk of Complications?

LASEK: Risks and Complications?

Does having LASEK mean that you will be at risk for having more complications?

LASEK was created to avoid the complications of other specific eye surgeries. However, there are still risks of complications, but this is typical with any type of medical procedure.

With LASEK, the biggest complaint is the pain. LASEK recovery does involve more pain and a longer recovery time. You may also develop halos, dry eyes or disrupted night vision. These problems typically right themselves in less than a year.

LASEK does not appear to offer a greater risk of complications when compared to other laser eye surgeries like PRK and LASIK. On the contrary, it actually has fewer long-term complications when compared with the other types of laser eye surgeries, such as LASIK or PRK.

As with every medical procedure, it is always best to get your doctor's opinion on the complications of LASEK.



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