Laser Eye Surgery May Not Be For You

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When is Laser Eye Surgery not recommended?

Laser Eye Surgery May Not Be For You

Is laser eye surgery for you? How do you know if it isn't? Here are some questions that may lead you in the right direction:

-Can you afford laser eye surgery? Does your healthcare plan cover eye surgery?

-Does your job make it necessary for you to have perfect vision? Are you operating machinery all day, or staring at a computer? These types of jobs can play a part in the decision to have laser eye surgery.

-Do you have any medical conditions that are chronic or impair your immune system?

-Do you have any other eye problems other than needing glasses or contacts?

-Do you take medications that may inhibit your healing? Talk to your doctor about all the prescription medication you are taking prior to electing to have laser eye surgery.

-Has your eyewear prescription changed in the last year?

-Do you have thin corneas?

-Do you have dry eyes?

Always talk to your ophthalmologist about the answers to these questions. If you have a medical condition, take certain medications, honestly can't afford the surgery and work in certain occupations, this surgery is not for you.



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