Are You Ready For Laser Eye Surgery

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Are You Ready for Laser Eye Surgery?

Are You Ready For Laser Eye Surgery

Opting for a vision correction procedure can be a complicated decision. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you agree to Laser eye surgery:

-Are you willing to have more than one surgery? Many laser eye surgeries require more than one.

-Will you still need reading glasses when done?

-Are you willing to accept that the even after the surgery, your vision correction may not be permanent?

-Know all the risks of the surgery going in, but also remember there are great benefits to this. Talk to your doctor and make sure you're comfortable with all of the aspects that accompany laser eye surgery.

-Do you know that there may be additional vision reduction in dim light after the surgery? Talk to your doctor about the other possible side effects.

As with any medical procedure, thinking it through, weighing the pros and cons and speaking to a medical professional is ideal.



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