What Should I Know Before Hand?

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What Should I Know Before Surgery?

What Should I Know Before Hand?

You should expect to have the following things in order before you undergo laser eye surgery:

-Have a detailed exam from your eye surgeon completed.

-Understand, read, and sign any consent forms.

-Do not wear makeup to the surgery for at least 24 hours.

-Have someone to drive you home after the surgery.

-Take a few days off from work.

-Plan on a longer recovery, just in case.

-Be prepared for the sights and smells that go with the laser eye surgery. For example, the laser will make a clicking sound. The laser may also give off an odor that may smell something like burning hair during the procedure.

-Be ready for any eye drops or medications that may be needed for after surgery.

-Prepare yourself to wear a protective shield over your eye at night for one week.

-Do not have any other surgeries until your prescription is stable.

Knowing what is expected or what can happen before you have laser eye surgery can help you to feel more prepared and relaxed.



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