Discount Vision Plans

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What Can a Discount Vision Plan Offer Me For LASIK?

Discount Vision Plans

If you are thinking of having LASIK surgery and are afraid it may be too expensive, why not look into a discount vision plan? There are vision plans that you may purchase separate from your health insurance and use for discounts on things, such as LASIK.

Check with your employer first - some corporate health plans offer a vision plan with your health insurance. Try looking into this before purchasing a separate vision plan. A discount vision plan may offer you the following in regards to LASIK:

-Reduced cost of laser eye surgeries, sometimes at a savings of 40 to 50 percent

-Access to experienced ophthalmologists

-Education about LASIK

-Special financing when paying for LASIK

The one pertinent point of information with a discount vision plan is: You may only be able to pick from a small list of providers for the surgery.



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