What to Expect After PRK Surgery

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What should I expect after PRK surgery?

What to Expect After PRK Surgery

Most doctors advise taking a few days off from work after PRK eye surgery. You'll also be advised to avoid strenuous exercise for up to a week, as this could get in the way of your healing.

You will wear a special "bandage" contact lens for a few days, and will need to use eye drops for several weeks. It may be several days before you can drive, and you may experience some pain or discomfort, controllable with over-the-counter medication.

It's a good idea to have someone available to drive you home from the surgery and back for the first one or two follow-up exams. Some patients have also reported that right after the surgery they are unable to see well enough to take their medications, so those who live alone may want to enlist some help for those first couple of days until they can see well enough to care for themselves.



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