What to Expect Before PRK Surgery

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What will happen before my PRK surgery?

What to Expect Before PRK Surgery

You should have a thorough consultation with your optometrist, and understand what correction is needed and why PRK is the best choice for you. You should also consult with your surgeon and understand the process and the risks.

You may also have your eyes tested for tear production -- if you have "dry eye," you can still have PRK, but may need to take extra steps to ensure your eyes are hydrated.

You will be asked not to wear your contact lenses for one to three weeks before the procedure, so that the error in your eyes can be measured accurately on the day of the surgery. In addition, you should be asked to refrain from wearing any scented product, hair spray, or makeup on the day of the surgery. Finally, you should arrange for someone to bring you home from the surgery and perhaps be available for a day or two afterwards -- some patients have reported they are unable to see well enough to take their medications until their eyes have healed a bit.



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