What to Expect During LASIK Surgery

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What will happen during my LASIK eye surgery?

What to Expect During LASIK Surgery

During the surgery, you will lie down. Your eye will be numbed with special drops, and a device called a lid speculum will be placed on your eye to keep it open.

Then a suction ring will be placed over your eye, exerting pressure to provide suction to the cornea to keep fluids from getting in the way of the surgery. You will probably feel somewhat uncomfortable during this part of the surgery.

A tiny blade called a microkeratome is affixed to the suction ring, and the surgeon will use this to cut a little flap in your cornea. Then the suction ring is removed, and the doctor pulls back the flap. Your vision will probably be blurry at this point.

The surgeon will then use the laser to perform the adjustments needed to your cornea. During this part of the procedure, you'll be asked to stare at a light. This is not the laser itself, just a way to keep your eyes from moving around while the surgeon is trying to work.

The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes. At the end, you will be given a shield to wear over your eye to protect it while the flap heals. It's important to wear this for the entire time specified so that you don't accidentally rub your eye or press against it in your sleep.



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