Risks of LASIK Surgery

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What are the risks of LASIK surgery?

Risks of LASIK Surgery

In every endeavor you'll experience risks. You think that driving another day with poor eyesight is a risk you're not willing to take. Losing your contacts and having your eyes irritated is a risk you don't want to take long-term.

You know that more than one million people in the United States have had LASIK surgery and been satisfied with the results. However, you need to know the risks of LASIK vision correction. The FTC cautions that LASIK eye surgery is too new to predict the effects five years after you have LASIK surgery.

LASIK risks and complications, according to the FTC, include:

* Not being able to see as well, even with glasses or contacts, as you do before surgery--even with new eyeball Wavefront mapping technologies
* Decrease in seeing objects clearly--you may experience blurry or fuzzy vision
* Problems with night vision--you may still require glasses for night driving
* Corneal flap problems such as buttonhole flaps, flaps cut off entirely, ingrowth of cells under the epithelium--LASIK operates in a small area--and dislocated flaps.
* Light sensitivity (may be temporary)
* Dry eye syndrome caused or worsened by LASIK
* Complications from diabetes or high blood pressure
* Corneal scarring
* Irregular astigmatism
* Under- or over-correction of your myopia, hyperopia, etc., so that you may need additional surgery or contact lenses

But, you think, I've acquired 20/20 uncorrected vision! 20/20 uncorrected vision on the Snellen eye chart may not always mean your LASIK surgery was successful. If these LASIK risks and complications occur, you may need:

* Contact lenses
* Retreatments, say with custom LASIK
* Eyedrops--for dry eyes
* Antibiotics for infections

Anything you do carries risk, but when it comes to your sight, you should know the LASIK risks, whether you have healthy eyes or are nearly blind. Discuss the potential LASIK risks with your LASIK surgeon, and ask if you need to consider refractive surgery alternatives.



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