Insurance and LASIK Revisited

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Will my insurance absolutely not cover LASIK?

Insurance and LASIK Revisited

The conventional wisdom is that you can never get LASIK financing through your insurance company. However, times are changing.

Insurance companies such as Aetna and Blue Cross Blue Shield may pay for LASIK surgery at a discounted rate. Currently, it costs $895 for LASIK and $1,295 for custom LASIK, as quoted by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Southern Carolina in partnership with TruVision. However, your PPO plan's negotiated rate may be actually higher than the current market value for the service, so investigate the real costs of paying for LASIK surgery with your insurance company.

Make sure that your insurance coverage of LASIK includes:

* Vision exam

* Pre-operative care

* Corrective surgery

* Post-operative care for one year

Ask whether additional corrective surgery or enhancements are covered in your LASIK surgery financing. Some insurance providers will pay for LASIK-related complications such as dry eyes.



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