LASIK Interest-Free Loans

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Should I take out an interest-free loan from a LASIK doctor?

LASIK Interest-Free Loans

One of your laser eye surgery options is an interest-free loan option for financing LASIK surgery.

According to the patient finance institution Vision Fee Plan, almost half the people considering laser eye surgery say affordability is the big obstacle to having LASIK. You most likely fall into that category. You may find an interest-free loan from a patient financing provider or bank an attractive LASIK surgery financing option. Many surgeons work with CapitalOne and CareCredit, which offer no-interest loans for up to twelve months, with no prepayment penalty.

Your surgeon may also offer a six-month deferred LASIK surgery financing plan, which features no interest and no loan payments for the first six months--a perfect time to put in that overtime at work. College students just entering the workplace may especially find this valuable. You're young, healthy and active, and you've decided that LASIK is worth the cost.

If you don't qualify for an interest-free loan, know that 9.9% to 14.9% is usually an acceptable rate--the actual rate is dependent on your credit history and the length of the loan.

Ask for literature detailing all the costs of any LASIK financing plan, and be sure that there are no hidden processing fees on interest-free loans.



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