Indemnity Plans

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What other LASIK financing might my employer offer?

Indemnity Plans

It's a fact that even 20/20 uncorrected vision is not always healthy. You might have hyeropia, myopia, or undetected eye problems. It's no wonder that your employer now includes LASIK financing as a perk for your hard work.

You've heard of flexible spending accounts or FSAs, which withhold part of your paycheck if you're a LASIK candidate with healthy eyes, but you may want to investigate other employer-sponsored LASIK surgery financing.

Ask about the Indemnity Plan, in which you may have to pay a small copayment and your employer will pay the LASIK surgeon a portion of the cost.

LASIK doctors caution against signing up for a Discounted Fee For Service Plan, in which your employer or your insurance company may request that you pay just 50 percent of your LASIK procedure. The danger of paying for LASIK surgery this way is that your LASIK surgeon may be required to cut costs, so that you receive a reduced standard of care. You may be better off if you save your money and pay for LASIK surgery through a monthly installment plan or extended payment plan, which many surgeons offer.



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