Changes in Prescriptions

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If my eyeglass prescription is constantly changing, can I still have laser eye surgery?

Changes in Prescriptions

Before you choose to have a diagnostic eye exam, including a Wavefront or WaveScan diagnostic for vision correction, consider whether your eyeglass prescription has changed in the last year.

While VISX Star S4 Active Trak and LADARVision's LADARWave technology can map your eye, your laser eye surgeon won't take a chance on your eye map completely changing. The younger you are, the more your vision will change. A laser eye surgeon typically prefers to perform laser vision correction procedures on you if you're at least 21 and if your eyeglass prescription hasn't changed in at least two years.

Bear in mind that eye prescriptions tend to change throughout your twenties. If you can prove that you have a stable prescription, you're a good candidate for laser eye surgery. Get your complete vision history from your ophthalmologist--you're a responsible person, after all.



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