No Dilation Required

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I don't like eye dilation, can I choose a vision correction system with no dilation?

No Dilation Required

Dilation may be everyone's least favorite part of eye surgery. While traditional LASIK laser eye surgery requires eye dilation, your laser eye surgeon may use vision correction technology that skips the dilation step.

The VISX CustomVue laser vision correction system uses ActiveTrak 3-D Active Eye Tracking to map all three inter-operative dimensions, with no dilation. The LADARVision and LADARWave system do require dilation. If you're sensitive to light, or if you don't want to risk light sensitivity, VISX is an excellent alternative to LADARVision. Zyoptix doesn't mention anything about pupil dilation, and advertises the most accurate eye tracking technology. So if you hate eye dilation, you may not have to suffer through it if your laser eye surgeon decides a Zyoptix or VISX laser vision correction system is right for you.



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