Ophthalmology: M.D. a Must

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Should a licensed medical doctor perform my eye surgery?

Ophthalmology: M.D. a Must

True or false: Laser eye surgery is so advanced you don't need an ophthalmologist to heal your vision.

False. While consumers may be confused about the difference between clinical ophthalmology and optometry, the Academy of American Ophthalmology Web site says that consumers want a medical doctor certified and licensed in ophthalmology to wield a laser or microkeratome blade.

The National Consumers League survey of 600 adults reports that:

* 85.6 percent prefer the eye-care provider performing eye surgery to have a medical degree.

* 90.5 percent say that only a skilled, licensed ophthalmologist should perform surgery.

* 77 percent say that it's not acceptable for anyone without a degree in clinical ophthalmology to perform eye surgery.

* Respondents agree with the typical eye surgeon's Web site that laser vision correction procedures are surgical procedures.

The bottom line: Not only should the public have a skilled, licensed, certified medical doctor, an ophthalmologist, aim that femtosecond laser at eyes with astigmatism, the public wants a medical doctor in charge of laser eye surgery.

While you may have questions about the eye surgery procedures, you know that you want a professional with the latest information and the necessary care and skill to correct your vision. Don't settle for less.



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